Canadian internet casinos set the standards

It’s no secret as well as nothing to be ashamed of that the first online casinos licenses in North America were issued in British Columbia. Canadians are a nation of people who are not afraid of working hard and treat their leisure time with the respect that it deserves. And more and more Canucks are spending some of their leisure time online at their favorite Canadian online casinos.

Canadian winters can be both long and cold and what can be better on a crisp winter evening than spending a few hours in the warmth and comfort of your own home testing your skills and luck playing your favorite online game at the online casino of your choice. There are a lot of people south of the border who would gladly change places with you!

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Keep looking, don't settle

Canadian web casinos support their players throughout their entire playing experience by providing them with every facility to ensure that playing online is as pleasurable as it is straightforward.

These include the following:

• The easy ability to deposit and make withdrawals in Canadian dollars.

• A wide range of deposit options, including the Canadians favorite- InstaDebit and use my funds.

• Withdrawals that are not tied up for days due to unnecessary bureaucracy, often created by some of the less scrupulous online casinos to hold on to your money for a day or two more. Withdrawals should be repaid to source within 24 hours at the most. If there are any identification issues involved the casino should work hand in hand with their customers to ensure that this necessary process be carried out with the minimum of hold up.

• Canadians like a change in their routine. An online casino that doesn’t spice up the action for their players regularly, will eventually fail to attract them. That means constant promotions and the more progressive jackpot tournaments for slot lovers – the better.

• Tournament play is the latest hit on online casinos and not just for Texas Hold’em poker lovers. These days players can take part in regular blackjack, craps and even roulette tournaments, with blackjack players even enjoying a progressive jackpot variation of their own.

Canadian industry set the tone

Canadians have always been known for their pioneering spirit even when it applies to online casinos. Canadian online casinos have set the standards that other online casinos need to aspire to. Through working with the locally based online casino operators as the industry developed, providing first hand feedback and all manner of constructive criticism, Canadians players, who know what they want, played a major part in the development of the industry.

After all, online gaming is a major industry in the 21st century creating jobs for hundreds of Canadian as well as bringing in foreign currency from the US especially where they are nowhere near as forward thinking and open minded as their Canadian neighbors.

Online gaming has become a part of all of our lives, and who knows where it would have gotten to without the Canadian casinos’ influence.

  • $CAD cashouts

  • Best bonuses

  • Legal & Fair

  • Reliable payouts

  • Wide selection of games

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