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You can’t get much more solid than Citadel Canada. Citadel was originally the Lukens Steel Company Employees Credit Union in the 1930s. In 1983, they became a community credit union. Then, as the technology age blossomed, they followed suit. Today, they have over 100,000 members and they have more than $1 billion in assets. When you use a Citadel casino, you know you aren’t working with some start-up. You’re choosing a banking choice that has a long history and a rich past. And this makes a difference for the peace of mind for the Canadian Citadel user.

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How Citadel Works

So, how does Citadel actually work? The way that you start is that you go to the Citadel site. When you sign up, you’ll be able to make transfers, to make loan payments, to have withdrawals and more. For people in Canada, this is very convenient because they can use Citadel for more than just their online gaming. And this adds more options to the Citadel experience.

More Benefits with the Citadel casino

When you start out with Citadel and enroll, you can then go to any Citadel casino and designate that you are using Citadel as your banking method of choice. You’ll then indicate how much money you want to transfer from your Citadel account to the casino, and vise versa when you win – from the casino back to your Citadel account.

Customer Service with Citadel Canada

Of course, as with any reputable company, you’ll find many services with Citadel Canada. You’ll see that you can transfer money to your Citadel account with many types of currency and in many ways. You can withdraw money in many ways as well. You’ll have 24 hour a day customer service to help you with any Citadel casino needs that you might have. You’ll also have ways to enjoy Citadel as your banking method even when you travel outside of Canada. This ensures that you only need one type of online banking and that you don’t have to switch your money from casino to casino as you play. All of this adds up to great advantages for Canadian Citadel players who want to play their favorite games without any hassles! People across Canada love the Citadel options – they can use it for their online casino gaming, while also using this trusted choice for other services. It all adds up for Canada players.

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