Legality of online gambling in Canada

Online gambling has become very popular in Canada, with many people playing in the average online casino. Gambling has long been one of the most popular pastimes of Canadians, with casinos around Toronto and British Columbia drawing large crowds. Even in rural spaces, people have found a way to get their fix and to entertain themselves playing cards at casinos. Now, people have learned that they can have the same excitement without having to spend money on gas, lodging, and the like. Is this online gambling legal? The short answer is that it is legal for players, but some questions remain about its legality among people who operate sites for Canadian players.

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Staying legal as a player
The good news for people who want to gamble in Canadian online casinos is there is no prohibition on actually playing at casino sites. No law keeps people from playing the games that they love. One cannot expect the police to take one’s money or to put one in jail for gambling on these sites. This should be a relief for people who question whether online gambling is something that they should do. There are other questions surrounding the legality of the sites that should be taken into account by players who are choosing a site to play on, however.

Legality of out of country operators
Canada does not have a legal apparatus with which to go after casino operators if those operators are located outside of Canada. This is why many of the best online casinos that target Canadian customers are located somewhere else. Even though there are some questions about whether the Canadian authorities might try to target these sites in the future, the government has shown no desire nor willingness to go after them yet. As a result, these sites can be considered safe by players who are looking to protect themselves as much as possible.

Legality of in-country operators
There are laws against running an online casino within Canada. While there are some sites that try to get around the law and do it anyway, they are running a significant risk when they attempt this. As a result, casinos operating within the country are taking a major chance both with their own operations and with the money of people who play there. Players will not get in trouble for playing on these sites. However, if the authorities try to crack down on a site operating within the country, the person might lose funds. If the sites are shut down, there is no promise that deposited money will be made available to players. As a result, many players choose to play on sites which are hosted and registered outside of the country.

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