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Online gambling is an activity that has been around for quite some time now. The advent of computers and subsequent development of the internet led to the development of online games.
The development of mobile phones and devices such as tablets led to a massive number of people having access to the internet, and mobile casinos became even more popular. WAP enabled phones, which were the earliest, enabled the users to download games as well as play them online in a browser. With recent developments in smartphone technology, mobile casinos became much more accessible to the public and their popularity peaked.

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Casinos took the advantage of the increasing popularity of mobile devices to expand their services online so as to reach even more players. They discovered that there are many potential gamblers out there who just could not make it to the casinos. This lead many casinos and other betting companies to start developing applications and online games that could be accessible to mobile users through different platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android and many other platforms.
The increasing processing speeds of mobile devices as well as better internet speed have made more people start playing casino games on their mobile devices. In addition to that, many online casino games often have very attractive bonuses and promotions; Most mobile casino sites even promise people match bonus rewards just for participating for the first time.

This, coupled with the very low deposits that most of the mobile casino sites require, often attract a huge number of new players every month, resulting in the increasing popularity of mobile casinos. Furthermore, the busy work schedules of modern Canadians make going into a land casino to gamble a very hard task, making it worthwhile for them to just gamble from their devices on mobile casinos.

With the increasing spread of mobile gambling, there has been a concern about the legality of online gambling in general. While many countries have made the practice illegal or set stringent rules to govern the practice, mobile users in Canada have a lot of freedom when it comes to mobile gambling.

This is because gambling is controlled by provincial laws and the fact that many mobile casinos are hosted outside Canada means that Canadians can freely participate in mobile casino gambling without fear of prosecution. Canadian laws do not specifically prohibit online gambling, and the winnings from online gambling are not taxed, unless its business oriented. Canadians can thus participate in mobile gambling for fun and keep all their winnings for themselves.

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