Online casino promotions

There are a lot of people in this World who really like routine and just as many that shy clear of it. Online gamers usually fall into the second category.

They spend some of their time online playing their favorite games at their online casino of choice and every now and then they look for an interesting promotion or elimination tournament to spice up their playing action.

And they usually never have to look too far. If at all! The reason is that any online casino which wants to keep their customers satisfied will have a team of experts planning interesting casino promotions and organizing tournaments that will capture the imagination and suit the taste of anyone who likes to play online.

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Casino Promotions add that necessary touch of spice

Many of the major promotions that you will find online have actually been organized by the software developers that power the major online casinos in conjunction with the casino itself. The major advantage of this form of collaboration is that several casinos using the same software can organize joint promotions that stimulate huge jackpot prizes. Microgaming is one of the World’s leading casino software providers and experts at organizing these kinds of promotions, known as progressive jackpots.

When it comes down to it, the participating casinos actually contribute a part of their profits to make up this prize, and every time a player spins a wheel, draws a card or tosses a dice a little bit of their stake money but not their winnings go towards the progressive jackpot prize. Only when a certain sum of money has been raised, the participating casinos release the prize and some very lucky and usually unsuspecting player will hit a jackpot that could change their life forever.

While these progressive jackpots are going on all the time and are a major hit, an online casino will be running their own promotions which, while less potentially rewarding, remain “within the family.”
Few members of the casino will win a jackpot prize which will be enough to keep a smile on their faces for a long time!

Different types of promotions

Online casino promotions can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be launched to celebrate a holiday such as Christmas, Easter and even Labor Day. You name it and there will usually be a promotion to celebrate it. When ice hockey season kicks off you can be sure that one or two promotions will be launched at the same time! There are even a number of online casinos that launch promotions to celebrate a certain long running member’s birthday and other members get to join and celebrate with them.

All of these promotions don’t take the place of tournaments. Tournaments are more to the taste of a lot of players, especially those who like to play table games. Not so long ago , Texas Hold’em Poker was the only table game where you could take part in tournaments online, but once again the casino marketing departments have tweaked the rules a little and it is now possible to participate in blackjack, roulette and craps tournaments online.

One thing is for sure is that somewhere in Canada there is at least one marketing team chewing their pencils and devising one or more great promotions to make our gaming experience even more exciting!

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