Deposit funds with Ukash

Ukash is a secure and very simple online payment solution for many merchants including the online casino. It is basically electronic cash that is bought in the form of vouchers. These vouchers can be bought in different denominations from outlets around the country together with gas stations and many online vendors. On buying one of the Ukash vouchers, players receive a unique 19 digit code which is the key to their money. At the Ukash casino all that a player needs to do is input his 19 digit code in the banking section of the casino and his money is instantly transferred to the online casino where he can start placing real money bets.

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Advantages of Ukash

There are so many advantages to using the Ukash Canada payment system. It is free to use and more than one voucher can be bought at each time, the unique codes that accompany each voucher are valid for a year. Players are able to split the value of each voucher in addition to being able to receive new voucher codes if the player does not use all the value of a particular voucher. Transfer of money is instant and players don’t have to wait for any card verification when placing bets at the Ukash casino. No personal information is divulged and in fact players can buy their special Ukash vouchers with cash so total anonymity is assured.

Developments for Ukash

In order to check if the casino accepts Ukash vouchers, players can look for the unique Ukash symbol that should appear on the home page of the casino. In addition, the banking section of the online casino will provide a direct link to the Ukash website where players can learn more about how to use their Ukash vouchers together with being able to purchase vouchers online. In the future, Ukash vouchers will be available through gift cards, wireless website points and even through mobile phone billing. Ukash is easy to use but in addition it is also totally secure, players who use Ukash have no concerns over their own personal financial security and are free to concentrate on the casino games that are offered at the casino and no worry about their private information being usurped. Ukash is one of the best online payment solutions that there is today.

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